Sunday, October 5, 2008

Motor and G/Box Specs.

The motor is a Howard Eight out of a Australian made rotary hoe from around the 1940s, it is a slow revving motor with lots of torque has a capacity of around 810cc & has the right look , for the trans I used a General Motors Holden 3 speed auto called a trimatic it to is Australian designed & built & I had one on hand. I found that the flex plate bolted straight to the hub of the blower fan on the motor , so all I had to do was modify the blower housing & cut the blower down till I had only the hub left.
This was the motor /box combination that I was going to use for the start But when I got my approval to build I found that I would have to run high back seat if I was over 350 kg ( I think cannot remember now ) ,so I got a Honda CX500 & started the build with ,Had everything sorted out with it too then I checked out the weight and found that I was nearly at the weight but to me the motor did not look right ( not old enough ) so out it came & the Howard went in, ( looks a lot better now ).

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